On Hiatus *read below…BACA ABIS AH

how many days has it been since my last post? … hmm.. anyhoodlydoodle, I jst started working a few days ago… nope..stop.. before you go all ‘aaaw congratulations’ on me, I didn’t get a permanent one just yet…haha… instead, I’m working at my Aunt’s money changer for the time being which is good news since I’ll actually earn something…. BUT… it didn’t turn out to be as easy as i expected… i didn’t expect exchanging money to be sooo darn confusing..but then again, I suck and hate at anything involving numbers so I guess it’s not that much of a surprise… it’s jst so wierd that of all places and despite my hatred with numbers, I ended up working part-time at a ‘number crunching’ related workplace… as Alannis Morrisette would say.. “…isn’t it ironic..” 

So anyways.. yes work… its only beeeen… 2 days… and i suck….did i say that already? haha.. no lah, honestly… it’s been okay I suppose.. I got to knw great workmates…not only are they nice, but without them.. I’ll probably end up ‘bankrupt-ing’ the place…and there have been some ooh la la customers as well.. haha…kidding Beeeh~ ..besyds, aku takan-takan the calculator and mengira usin with my turtle pace isn’t exactly a turn on keh….. for now (and I hope for the whole duration of my time working there) since I’m only working there part-time, they’ll only allow me to handle RMs which is sucha relief since aku alum ‘andal…. since I’m ‘working’ now (gosh that word sounds so ‘alien’ to me) I won’t be updating this blog as much or maybe at all… well, at least for about 3 weeks or so since I’ll probably jst work there until the end of June~ so until then shitsoilers… keep visiting and do miss me…hihi.


shisha a few weeks ago


One Response to “On Hiatus *read below…BACA ABIS AH”

  1. emma29 Says:

    money changer di hua ho gadong atu kahhhh hehehehe no wonder familiarrr :p

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