Sabar Itu Subur

ok..yes I knw, I’ve been away longer than expected… but I assure you, I will be back veryyyy soon~ …insyAllah.. I’m just at the ‘reconstruction’ phase at the moment…not that it matters anyways since the number of readers have probably fluctuated.. so if that’s really the case, I shoudn’t worry that much about oversharing by saying that I am wearing nothing but red briefs and white socks (detailed representation below) at this very moment…nyahaha~



4 Responses to “Sabar Itu Subur”

  1. 52k Says:

    welecome back, n wat a briefing. minjam eh……spendet ah.

  2. emma29 Says:

    HOT! :p

  3. dee Says:

    hahahah kurus ko sdh kan? hehehehe… ehhhh bila hangout kau ahhh?

  4. shitsoil Says:

    52k: haha~ ada skidmarks plg tu che..

    emma: pssssssst~

    dee: awu cangkir~ haha.. bah layan.. ur treat~ woohoooo!!

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