Assalamualaikum…I am officially back.. yippeeeeee~ first and foremost, just wanna thank those who have not given up on this site and have kept on visiting all this while… *salute* … As you can tell, I changed the layout and the header for shitsoil coz frankly, other than the realization that having multiple facial expressions of myself as a header gets disturbing as time goes by, I just wanted something completely fresh…and so I came up with a more minimalistic design and concept… unfortunately, wordpress can only provide me with a crappy resolution of the new uploaded header..so apologies for that… and uuumm…. this is for you..so you can finally stop visiting ‘we can make the world a better place’ blogs.. teeheehee~.. miss you beh~ 😉

So so.. anyways.. since I’ve been behind with my blogging… i’ll just do a quick recap on what’s been going on within the week or so… if you already know what I am about to post then jst bare with me and stop being sucha a smartass.. now firstly, Comic-Con (comic-conenvtion) was held recently in the States.. it’s basically a convention where you often get exclusive footage or images of movies, particularly in the comic-book genre.. and of course, it’s probably the only place where wearing your underwear on the outside is acceptable… unless there are visible signs of skidmarks that is… ok..  im going off topic.. so yes, comic-con… well, I suppose the highlight included interviews with Steven Spielberg and the cast of the new Indiana Jones movie. exclusive footage from the Iron-Man movie, the first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight, an exclusive concept art on the upcoming Incredible Hulk film…..here are a couple of images & footages from the convention..except for the ‘Comic Book Guy’ right below that is…heh


Iron Man Mark I Armor 


The Hulk

This is the first look of the Hulk from the upcoming movie…though it’s still not the final version, it actually looks decent as compared to the Shrek-looking one from Ang Lee’s Hulk movie….


Indiana Jones 4


The Dark Knight

click image below for teaser trailer (*note: you can finally hear the Joker’s voice and the laugh in the trailer)




  1. jeng jeng Says:

    about friggin time boih!

  2. Tinkerbell Says:

    Boyyyyyyyyy Boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~

  3. Tinkerbell Says:

    GORES dan menang!

  4. Qoaaalbi Says:

    vote for me 🙂

  5. Tinkerbell Says:

    GORES dan Menang bersama Redbull…..BULLeh!

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