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August 27, 2007

The highlight of the week for me was probably getting the shit kicked out of me by a big ol’ grumpy cat from next door which resulted in several deep cuts (ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here but my arm was dripping blood in several places keeh~ haha) on my arm….. so here is how it happened.. so there i was minding my own business walking in my front lawn… ok, no..simply put.. i saw a cuddly looking cat n decided to pet it n before i knew it, it just jumped right at me and *scatch*scratch*… i don’t know what made it decide to attack me.. but i have a feeling it had to do with my angit-ness…ok so anyways, i went to the hospital to get my buh-leeding arm cleaned up.. they gave me a shot.. and two different anti-biotics… so from now on, screw PETA.. coz im gonna start wearing fur…make that cat fur.. no wait.. actually make that my neighbour’s cat fur.. or maybe i should just stop petting other people’s pets..especially if they’re big…..other than that i gotta pretty dull week as usual.. so despite the swollen thumb that it gave me… i gotta thank mr.whiskers for tonight’s ‘hey at least i got something to write’ introduction… 

nano2.jpg So to start off today’s post.. i’mma start with a bit of Apple iPod news… so recently details and an image of the soon-to-be released iPod Nano was leaked…. initially, its authenticity was questioned… until Apple asked sites to take them down because they are their intellectual property…..but here’s an exact rendering of the removed spy shots… so what they did was simply squish the iPod Video which made it look shorter but wider (and i’m assuming it’ll be slimmer)… while it is unclear whether the design is finalized or not.. what we can be sure is that it is REAL…and rumored to be annouced on September 5th..


In other news, a British man robbing a store using his girlfriends vibrator has been arrested and jailed for five years. Nicki Jex, aged 27, concealed his battery-charged buzzing bunny ‘weapon’ in a plastic bag and pointed at the store manager and then running off with 600pounds in cash. The act was caught on CCTV and thanks to his hat which he discarded after the robbery, traces of his DNA were found which lead to his arrest…

Here are a few pictures taken from Centro’s mini BBQ gathering di Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach Tutong courtesy of Shuks & Kutakmacis..

“..salute Homies”


Merol cooking: Happens only once in a blue moon


Amah paling stylo


Three Unit28-ers.. and one Unit 46-er 




me trying to make contact with aliens


Ok, I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off (or should  say ‘LMAO’.. pffft) watching this clip over and over tonight…..Apparently, this kid did what i like to call, A Ralph Wiggum…..Here’s a video clip of something not to do during a job interview – being random…and of course, looking creepy…

yes Jonathan, “I Like Turtles” too.. I actually like this one particular penyu to be exact.. *ahaks* 🙂


August 24, 2007

It’s almost 1am, and there I was doing my regular checks on my beloved shitsoil blog…and after checking some bits.. i came across something which made me realize what sort of readers I’ve been attracting.. see for yourself


first off… ‘BRUNEI’ – yes you’ve come to the right place… secondly, ‘SEX’ – yes please???…. but Brunei Sex.. sorry.. unfortunatley for you.. nada local porn here buddy…….unless i get desperate for readers and start uploading them…. not that i have any that is….. *whistles* …haha..ok that’s besides the point… so nonetheless, it surely isn’t as disturbing as ‘dog humping another dog’ search as highlighted above.. ok now i can peacefully go to sleep.. Gnyt.. I’ll be updating more soon insyAllah..

*Do The Robot*

August 20, 2007

Man..I’ve been mem-buruk myself dalam rumah saja these past few days for some reason… the only time I actually went out of the house was probably last night to get some munchies…other than having a really bad flu, I guess I haven’t been feeling 100% these few days….. so apologies to the centro guys for not making it a couple-a days ago…..I’m having complaints/feedbacks – or how ever u may want to call it – from people with regards to my lack of personal pictures on shitsoil lately and I do agree actually.. this site’s been lacking gambar ‘memaloi’ of myself or my surroundings as compared to the early days….. and I do have a good excuse for that….. uum.. I dropped my camera and it’s kinda… well, ukan lagi kinda.. but the lense is busted….it’s fix-able.. but busted.. the only reason why I can’t be bothered sending it to the canon dealer is because I know that they’re gonna send it to singapore anyway.. and it usually takes ages… so might as well, just wait at least til I can afford a new one…so before then, probably no gambar ‘buang  tabiat’ for now….

So what’s been goin on? Well, nothing much really…I did have an interesting job interview at one of the leading banks in the country last week though…prior to coming to the interview, I didn’t really know what to expect and honestly, I didn’t really mind that much with regards to what they’de offer me….  but it turned out the job offered to me was somewhat like a research/intel post…. I mean, of course it’s no secret that banks do have their own research departments but I guess, the details being told to me with regards to the nature of the job was just something I didn’t expect….and i mean that in a good way…

well, other than that…I’ve got something major coming up in a few days……. so I better do some brain push-ups……right after I finish up today’s post that is.. hahaha…

Now for more serious news……ladies, are you self-concious about your breast size? well no need to worry, coz some con-artist dude in japan came up with the F Cup cookie. These cookies supposedly makes ur mugambos bigger after only 2 days of eating them, while most cookies just makes ur ass bigger…. with something like this already available on the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came up with a ‘man boob reducing cookie’…… why do i sense a light bulb suddenly appearing above my head…


Remember the cult classic Escape From New York..well, they are working on a remake for it… though it’s too early for me to judge, i still find totally unnecessary because Carpenter’s 1981 original is timeless..but that’s just me… so who’ll be helming the remake – Len Wiseman (the Underworld movies , Live Free Or Die Hard)… despite a disapproval by Kurt Russell (played Snake Plissken in the original) because he claims that the character should be played by an American..the guy who will play Snake is Gerard ‘this is Sparta!’ Butler


Black Hawk Down screenwriter Ken Nolan is penning the script. Executive producers include Original’s Ori Marmur; Ron Halpern and Frederic Sichler of Canal Plus, which held the remake rights; and John Carpenter, who directed the original 1981 film.

The story revovles around Snake Plissken, the convict and war hero who’s sent into a futuristic Manhattan — which has been turned into a giant maximum security prison — to rescue the president of the U.S. after his plane is knocked down by terrorists.


teeheeeheee… why do i find this funny… aku pun inda tau… teehee~  pull the finger and *proooooooot*

 graduation.jpg Last but not least, I gotta say the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West is doing good for himself… and despite all his past outbursts and controversies…u gotta admit.. the dude is a genius…  having his College Dropout and Late Registration album, I was never really all that hyped out prior to their releases… but I gotta give him props for his upcoming Graduation album dropping on Sept 11… other than his blazing singles “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and the Daft Punk-infused “Stronger”, during his recent London visit at Tim Westwood’s studio, he leaked two tracks.. the 1st one called “Big Brother” which is an ode to his mentor and friend Jay-Z..and the second one called “Champion” which is fire.. it’s probably a cross between “Touch The Sky” and “Through The Wire”…now, I’m sure many know that 50 Cent will be releasing his album on the same day as ‘Ye… and he announced that if Kanye beats him to the #1 spot… he will quit his solo career. I say, better start packing ur bags Fi-tty

blurgh Pt. II

August 16, 2007

Assalamualaikum.. the last two weeks or so have been pretty… uuh… busy for me i suppose….well not really that busy but i have been occupied than usual…Alhamdulilah, the wheels have started turning again for me with job interviews and exams… so i guess, for now.. I’ll just have to wait and see how it’ll go…’s been a bit over a year now since I’ve graduated and started loking for jobs… but as they say, rezeki atu alum ada… all I can do is apply anything that comes along and jst see which one sticks…i guess after all the ups and downs that i’ve been through especially when it comes to finding work, i’ve already arrived at that stage where I stop being frustrated coz frankly speaking, I believe that life needs to have a balance.. u knw…Ying & Yang, Good & Bad, Mary Kate & Ashley…. in my case, the ‘good’ would be Alhamdulilah, the smooth journey for my Uni studies…and the bump of course is my journey in finding work… i guess life would be meaningless without its bumpy roads along the way….. in short, dugaan man…..I know tonight’s post is deep-ish..but I just thought I’d write something which I can reflect on by doing a Doogie Howser journal entry…


Now, on a lighter note….the Thai police force have come up with probably THE BEST punishment ever to officers who break the rules such as being late, park in the wrong place or other minor transgressions…much thanx to the badass of all cats, HELLO KITTY…

Starting from early August, Thai policemen who break the rules will be forced to wear a bright pink armband embroided with the Hello Kitty logo and two hearts for several days. It is hoped that the cartoon cat will help build discipline.

“We should not let small offences go unnoticed,” Police Colonel Pongpat Chayapan told Reuters news agency.

“Guilty officers will be made to wear the armbands in the office for a few days, with instructions not to disclose their offences. Let people guess what they have done.”

I think I better forward this idea to our local enforcement agencies…u knw… demi keselamatan negara dan keluarga

With its rumors and specs released in May, here’s a first look at what the Nokia N81 is expected to look like..


I don’t know if many of you heard about the current youtube sensation.. but here he is, Tay Zonday..whome I like to call Steve Urkel’s and James Earl Jones’ love child…..with more than 5 million views since being posted, his ‘viral’ hit Chocolate Rain is spreading like chest hair on your 5th cousine’s back… The oddly alluring tune has become such a phenomenon that Green Day drummer Tre Cool and guitar whiz John Mayer recently cooked up their own covers, which join the ranks of bizarre-to-sublime takes on the tune from thousands of other “Rain”iacs which includes Mcgruff the Crime Dog and even the badass sith himself, DARTH VADER…..personally, from the first time I heard the song, it seriously annoyed the heck out of me and as a matter of fact it still does… but then again, I’ve been singing “Chocolate Rain…….” bit pretty much the whole night.. see for yourself.. 


August 16, 2007

I have to be somewhere very soon.. so I’m just gonna do a short and quick one today..

uum.. let’s see……. here’s a brand new video from Jagged Edge entitled ‘Put A Little Umph In It’ from their ballad-only album Baby Makin’ Project coming out on the 25th of September… the song was first leaked early June of this year, and I’ve been listening to it ever since…a definite must have song in the cruising list..


click banner for video

si Stukin..

August 14, 2007

I’ll open up with a bit of Batman news…I posted a teaser trailer for the Dark Knight about a week ago which unfortunately didn’t have any footage from the movie.. however, recently the crowd at the Wizard World Chicago were treated to a first look of the much anticipated sequel with exclusive footages of the on-screen battle between the dark Knight and the Joker.


Fans were only allowed to see it ONCE…so too bad to those who have a very short memory-span… unfortunately, no footages have been leaked YET.. and I doubt it will since Warner is really keeping this film under wraps as much as they can.. so for now, here are the details of what was shown:

The footage started with a silhouette of a dark figure in front of one of Batman’s armored vehicles before quickly cutting to Bruce Wayne and Alfred delivering the brief lines heard in the “Dark Knight” teaser trailer.

“Some people just want to watch the world burn,” advises Alfred before the camera jumps to Batman in action on the Batpod, the new iteration of his motorcycle.

The action built up as the Joker was seen in full for the first time with a mess of white face, smeared red lipstick and sweaty, straggly green hair. Apparently, the clown prince of crime gets arrested at one point in the film, as the montage presented Jim Gordon (complete in SWAT gear) at the Joker’s booking, saying, “no prints, no ID, custom clothes, no tags.” The clown smiles with what appears to be blood over his face from the inside of an interrogation room.

Checking back in with Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy has a brief scene with Eckhart’s Harvey Dent where he says “Rachel’s told me everything about you.”

“I truly hope not,” responds Wayne.

The footage sped up at that point into an intense montage of action, featuring the following clips:
– The new batsuit rising up from a trap door in the ground and held in a chain metal case.

– Rachel Dawes (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) close to an unidentified man either kissing him or being threatened by him as the camera rotates around them.

– The Joker and Batman battling in close quarters (possibly a hospital room). Batman throws Joker over a table and crashing into the ground while the clown smiles at him. It should be noted that the Joker was done up in his signature purple suit.

– Plenty of big, bold Batmobile action including a shot where the tank-like car drives through a wall of flame. In fact, flames were pretty much everywhere in the footage as it appears Joker does actually make the world burn.

– There is also a shot of a somewhat grim-faced Joker walking across a city street mercilessly firing a machine gun as well as a television close-up of the Joker laughing hysterically.

– Two major additions to the speculation that Two Face will appear in the film came in the form of a single shot of a spinning 50 cent piece and the final image: after the action montage has slowed down, the camera cuts to a bartender looking at Harvey Dent, whose only onscreen presence is his left shoulder and a bit of a reddish-purple scarred neck. “Dent! I thought you were dead!” the man gasps, to which Harvey replies, “Half.”

courtesy of Wizard

So there you have it, we now pretty much know that this Joker won’t be anything like the campy Adam West Batman series *kapow!*…and most importantly, we now also know that Harvey Dent will turn into Two-Face in this film (which will probably be at the end of the movie)

irnman2.jpg In another superhero related matter, here’s another official image of Marvel’s answer to DC’s Bruce Wayne…TONY STARK aka IRON MAN from the upcoming Iron Man movie.

This was released some time ago.. but if you haven’t seen this one yet, this iis a first look and the ONLY picture from the upcoming film based on an adaptation of one of my FAVOURITE books ever.. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.. the film is due next year..


click for bigger image

Just to end today’s post… to all Mazda lovers, eat your heart out coz this is the first look (teaser) image of the upcoming Mazda 6 to be revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show this September…



August 13, 2007


I just wanna thank everyone for the Birthday wishes, particularly that one ‘special call’ made during my ‘aduh-duh duh duh’ foot reflexology session.. 🙂 .. more updates soon insyAllah..

200 Pounds of BLUBBER

August 9, 2007

ok yes, I lied.. i didn’t update or add anything else to yesterday’s post other than my ramblings… heehee~ first and foremost, i’d like to congratulate one of my best buddies /my Unit 28 brother – Shuks – on his engagement… thanx for the special invite tadi yai… I’ll be waiting for you to honk in front of my house handing me kad jemputan (or thru e-mail kalau ko cheap ass…inda apa lah ah che, janji inda ‘freeloader’..nyahaha~ sapa tu nah?? haha… cancel..ada urg marah.. hahahahah).. and it better be soon, coz at least one of us need to leave ‘Neverland’ and start growing up… haha….i guess tonight’s gathering just gave me a reality check that we’re no longer the Unit 28 morons like we used to be.. no wait, i take that back.. we still are…but we are growing up.. in a blink of an eye, each of the guys of the 28 ‘circle of trust’ will be having different commitments eventually… which pretty much means, no more watching Euro Trash or memasak nasi the express way dalam periuk time sahur coz there’s only 10 minutes left ’til Sahur abis… time flies maan~

I recently bought a Korean chic flick DVD entitled 200 Pounds of Beauty…not really my usual cup of tea since I fear that watching it may take my manhood away… but I bought it anyway… and I blame Sasa for that.. haha… the things I do for you beeh~ *sigh* … kiddiingg~~.. ikhlas tu ah ku mbali…haha……But frankly, I enjoyed it…. the plot is predictable of course…. I’d compare it to uuum… the Nutty Professor………ok, wait.. come to think of it.. the only similarity is the fat suit… so nevermind… putting the plot predictability aside, the movie is light-hearted, it also highlights the issue of undergoing plastic surgery to some extent, and dare i say… the film is CUTE…….or maybe i’m just bias since it’s Sasa’s favourite movie..haha……althouugghh~~ the girl is pretty hawt~

apa kan ku post lagi ni aah….aku kalat mata udah plg…. oh see see… one of my distractions time blogging = Kalat Mata…… nah, I’ll just post this workout video to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all Bruneians tah saja…


August 7, 2007

what a glorious day *twinkling eyes*.. ok not really, i jst wanted to start off a post with something positive.. but the truth is… it’s really just one of those SSDDs for me… and aku kalat mata… u knw, i just realized that everytme I’m in the mood for blogging, i tend to be distracted…it’s either aku kalat mata.. aku lapar.. but the majority of the time, it’s becoz aku alum mandi… and the stench would just force myself out of the room and off i go *swoosh* gasa-gasa badan kai barus….. tsk.. speaking of distractions.. i need to pick up my brother from skool… kalau kami dulu wah…naik atas rusa wah ni balik dari skulah… masa ani ja moden pakai metoka…ok, now i feel guilty for mocking old people… tulah kah tu?

on that note, those sort of advice and stories really annoy the heck out of me… especially when they start comparing the ‘good old days’ and the present.. but then again. people are never satisfied.. i’m sure in 50 years time i’de be doing the same thing and say something like.. ‘bisai.. kerita masa ani terabang… dulu kami betayar…..’ and further exaggerate to the younger generation to make them more appreciative on what they have by saying.. ‘kalau tayar pumpcit dulu, paksa tah di tiup tu smpai parut kampis..’……speaking of flying cars, I was watching Back to The Future II for the hundreth time a few days back…and it was set in the year 2000+ ..not far from where we are now… tapi kan…. mana tia kerita trabang ah..its already 2007…. at least give us the hover board dammit..*ptui*.. penipu…….ok now i’m just blabbering away.. bah go 1st and be a nice big brother for once… more updates later on insyAllah…   

Beam me up Scotty

August 6, 2007

Thanx to Mamoi for yesterday’s bbq gathering…i’m expecting another one lagi ni next week…. u knw… sempena someone’s birthday.. heeeeeee~ Now, moving on..

This is the teaser poster for the highly anticipated 11th Star Trek film to be directed by J.J Abrams (Lost, Mission Impossible III). No plot details are available at the moment, but there are talks going around which indictaes that the film will somewhat be a prequel just as Casino Royale was to the 007 franchise. As many of you know by now, Spock will be played by non-other than Zachary Quinto@ Sylar from the hit series, HEROES. In addition, it has been confirmed that the original Spock, Leonard Lemoy will also have a role/cameo in the film.


With regards to Captain Kirk.. well, nothing has been announced yet, however, there are growing demands by fans notably, for Matt Damon to get into William Shatner’s shoes…so I guess we’ll just have to see… In the meantime, here are confirmed details on casting details for the film courtesy of AICN:

Feature Film

[JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less

[LEONARD(BONES)MCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise. Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue eyes.

[UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful, heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish – as if she grew up in a houseful of brothers.

[SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit, capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat

[MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship’s engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!

Simple enough isn’t it…I mean, pfft… c’mon~ if these are the criterias, then even I can easily play Captain Kirk…pffft~..except for the ‘cocky self-assured’ bit that is.. coz that is soooooo not me.. Matt Damon Schmademon~ .. if that doesn;t work out, then i guess, I’ll just have to jump into the typecasting wagon and just play the boring Asian dude… sigh…

As many of you knw by now, the iPhone was shipped to Brunei a few days ago for viewing and ‘testing’ at AV Electronics..Unfortunetaly for interested buyers, the phone won’t be available until 2008 in our region as i mentioned a couple of months back when the iPhone was launched in the States.. However, there seem to be more disappointments than satisfaction from customers… so ours may be long overdue, but let’s just hope it’ll function way better… least give us a 3G capable iPhone…

Ok.. putting all that aside, the Brunei unveiling of the iPhone and the technical stuff was not really what I intended to post…  rather, here’s an inspirational TRUE story courtesy of Gizmodo about the great lengths a man is willing to go through to fulfill his dreams… i hope it inspires us all…haha


Sean Johnson, a confessed Apple Fanboy wants his iPhone….badly… In January, after years of rumors and speculation, he watched in awe as Apple finally introduced the iPhone to the world. Unfortunately for him, he already had his budget spent. Fast forward to June 29th, Sean Johnson took his kids on a road trip to Boise while his wife was at home taking care of the baby. After dropping his kids off at the hotel, he drove to an AT&T store, and purchased a new 4GB iPhone without Wife Clearance.

Yes, in some parts of the world this probably means getting your genitals compeletly severed but fortunately for Sean, he only had to return the phone when his wife found out and told him that his behaviour was absolutely unacceptable.

Two days later she joined him in Denver. He was sad, non-talkative, down, depressed. Noticing it, she broke the question:

— “Honey, how badly you want the iPhone?”
— “Badly”, he said, puppy eyes again, no doubt – very badly.

— “Would you be willing to finally make that appointment for a vasectomy?” she replied.

What happened then? In Sean’s own words:

“I absolutely love my new 8GB iPhone.”

sigh.. the things we do for our better half……or in this case, an iPhone