Haroo~ just to kick things off for today.. I’ve got a couple of stills from the upcoming 30 Days of Night film.

30daysposter.jpg Based on a Steve Niles graphic novel, 30 days takes place in Barrow, a small town in Alaska where each year, the sun doesn’t rise for an entire month. Sounds bad enough? Well, it get’s worse as a group of blood-thirsty vampires  visits the the residents and gladly take advantage of the uninteruppted darkness to feed. As the night wears on, Barrow’s Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett), his estranged wife Stella (Melissa George), and an ever-shrinking group of survivors must do anything they can to last until daylight. Release Date: October 19, 2007



Finally, here is an official poster for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd….if you ask me, Johnny looks exactly like he did in Edward Scissorhands..just a bit older..meaner..and… his outfit is less tighter..errr…. ok, maybe the only resemblance is the Rock n Roll hair he’s got going on…click on the image below for full-poster.. Release Date: December 21, 2007 (Limited); January 11, 2008 (Wide)



I’m saving the best for last.. this clip is an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK (in motion) at Lexus’ answer to the M3, the LEXUS IS-F. If you listen carefully, you’de be surprised at how quiet yet powerful the car is… enjoy.. 🙂


3 Responses to “*gigit*”

  1. Selly Says:

    PKIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~! u have sunk soooooo looowwwwwwwwwwwww… but still. U’RE GOING DOWN SHADI!!! bastard wahh! baik jua i was a bit distracted.

  2. Tango Says:

    talurrrr hahahahaha

  3. shitsoil Says:

    napa? u both don’t like the new IS-F?? hahaha

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