what a glorious day *twinkling eyes*.. ok not really, i jst wanted to start off a post with something positive.. but the truth is… it’s really just one of those SSDDs for me… and aku kalat mata… u knw, i just realized that everytme I’m in the mood for blogging, i tend to be distracted…it’s either aku kalat mata.. aku lapar.. but the majority of the time, it’s becoz aku alum mandi… and the stench would just force myself out of the room and off i go *swoosh* gasa-gasa badan kai barus….. tsk.. speaking of distractions.. i need to pick up my brother from skool… kalau kami dulu wah…naik atas rusa wah ni balik dari skulah… masa ani ja moden pakai metoka…ok, now i feel guilty for mocking old people… tulah kah tu?

on that note, those sort of advice and stories really annoy the heck out of me… especially when they start comparing the ‘good old days’ and the present.. but then again. people are never satisfied.. i’m sure in 50 years time i’de be doing the same thing and say something like.. ‘bisai.. kerita masa ani terabang… dulu kami betayar…..’ and further exaggerate to the younger generation to make them more appreciative on what they have by saying.. ‘kalau tayar pumpcit dulu, paksa tah di tiup tu smpai parut kampis..’……speaking of flying cars, I was watching Back to The Future II for the hundreth time a few days back…and it was set in the year 2000+ ..not far from where we are now… tapi kan…. mana tia kerita trabang ah..its already 2007…. at least give us the hover board dammit..*ptui*.. penipu…….ok now i’m just blabbering away.. bah go 1st and be a nice big brother for once… more updates later on insyAllah…   


4 Responses to “choochoo~”

  1. N25 Says:

    eh kanak2 sekrg ani akhir saja mandi. org dulu2 wah seblm lalat bangun pun sudah tia kana siram pakai aing sajuk! *lalalalala*

  2. dee Says:

    Hehehehe… ada2 saja kau ani.. ada kah meniup tayar kereta sampai kampis parut.

  3. shitsoil Says:

    N25: ok fine.. u gt me there~ *cium ketiak*…. aaah~ harum segaaaar~

    dee: haha.. inda mengasi kan tu Na??

  4. dee Says:

    hahaha antah inda ku tau mengasi kah inda.. tapi mun ada anak sdh bisai di pakai tue…

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