200 Pounds of BLUBBER

ok yes, I lied.. i didn’t update or add anything else to yesterday’s post other than my ramblings… heehee~ first and foremost, i’d like to congratulate one of my best buddies /my Unit 28 brother – Shuks – on his engagement… thanx for the special invite tadi yai… I’ll be waiting for you to honk in front of my house handing me kad jemputan (or thru e-mail kalau ko cheap ass…inda apa lah ah che, janji inda ‘freeloader’..nyahaha~ sapa tu nah?? haha… cancel..ada urg marah.. hahahahah).. and it better be soon, coz at least one of us need to leave ‘Neverland’ and start growing up… haha….i guess tonight’s gathering just gave me a reality check that we’re no longer the Unit 28 morons like we used to be.. no wait, i take that back.. we still are…but we are growing up.. in a blink of an eye, each of the guys of the 28 ‘circle of trust’ will be having different commitments eventually… which pretty much means, no more watching Euro Trash or memasak nasi the express way dalam periuk time sahur coz there’s only 10 minutes left ’til Sahur abis… time flies maan~

I recently bought a Korean chic flick DVD entitled 200 Pounds of Beauty…not really my usual cup of tea since I fear that watching it may take my manhood away… but I bought it anyway… and I blame Sasa for that.. haha… the things I do for you beeh~ *sigh* … kiddiingg~~.. ikhlas tu ah ku mbali…haha……But frankly, I enjoyed it…. the plot is predictable of course…. I’d compare it to uuum… the Nutty Professor………ok, wait.. come to think of it.. the only similarity is the fat suit… so nevermind… putting the plot predictability aside, the movie is light-hearted, it also highlights the issue of undergoing plastic surgery to some extent, and dare i say… the film is CUTE…….or maybe i’m just bias since it’s Sasa’s favourite movie..haha……althouugghh~~ the girl is pretty hawt~

apa kan ku post lagi ni aah….aku kalat mata udah plg…. oh see see… one of my distractions time blogging = Kalat Mata…… nah, I’ll just post this workout video to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all Bruneians tah saja…


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