*Do The Robot*

Man..I’ve been mem-buruk myself dalam rumah saja these past few days for some reason… the only time I actually went out of the house was probably last night to get some munchies…other than having a really bad flu, I guess I haven’t been feeling 100% these few days….. so apologies to the centro guys for not making it a couple-a days ago…..I’m having complaints/feedbacks – or how ever u may want to call it – from people with regards to my lack of personal pictures on shitsoil lately and I do agree actually.. this site’s been lacking gambar ‘memaloi’ of myself or my surroundings as compared to the early days….. and I do have a good excuse for that….. uum.. I dropped my camera and it’s kinda… well, ukan lagi kinda.. but the lense is busted….it’s fix-able.. but busted.. the only reason why I can’t be bothered sending it to the canon dealer is because I know that they’re gonna send it to singapore anyway.. and it usually takes ages… so might as well, just wait at least til I can afford a new one…so before then, probably no gambar ‘buang  tabiat’ for now….

So what’s been goin on? Well, nothing much really…I did have an interesting job interview at one of the leading banks in the country last week though…prior to coming to the interview, I didn’t really know what to expect and honestly, I didn’t really mind that much with regards to what they’de offer me….  but it turned out the job offered to me was somewhat like a research/intel post…. I mean, of course it’s no secret that banks do have their own research departments but I guess, the details being told to me with regards to the nature of the job was just something I didn’t expect….and i mean that in a good way…

well, other than that…I’ve got something major coming up in a few days……. so I better do some brain push-ups……right after I finish up today’s post that is.. hahaha…

Now for more serious news……ladies, are you self-concious about your breast size? well no need to worry, coz some con-artist dude in japan came up with the F Cup cookie. These cookies supposedly makes ur mugambos bigger after only 2 days of eating them, while most cookies just makes ur ass bigger…. with something like this already available on the market, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came up with a ‘man boob reducing cookie’……..now why do i sense a light bulb suddenly appearing above my head…


Remember the cult classic Escape From New York..well, they are working on a remake for it… though it’s too early for me to judge, i still find totally unnecessary because Carpenter’s 1981 original is timeless..but that’s just me… so who’ll be helming the remake – Len Wiseman (the Underworld movies , Live Free Or Die Hard)… despite a disapproval by Kurt Russell (played Snake Plissken in the original) because he claims that the character should be played by an American..the guy who will play Snake is Gerard ‘this is Sparta!’ Butler


Black Hawk Down screenwriter Ken Nolan is penning the script. Executive producers include Original’s Ori Marmur; Ron Halpern and Frederic Sichler of Canal Plus, which held the remake rights; and John Carpenter, who directed the original 1981 film.

The story revovles around Snake Plissken, the convict and war hero who’s sent into a futuristic Manhattan — which has been turned into a giant maximum security prison — to rescue the president of the U.S. after his plane is knocked down by terrorists.


teeheeeheee… why do i find this funny… aku pun inda tau… teehee~  pull the finger and *proooooooot*

 graduation.jpg Last but not least, I gotta say the Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West is doing good for himself… and despite all his past outbursts and controversies…u gotta admit.. the dude is a genius…  having his College Dropout and Late Registration album, I was never really all that hyped out prior to their releases… but I gotta give him props for his upcoming Graduation album dropping on Sept 11… other than his blazing singles “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and the Daft Punk-infused “Stronger”, during his recent London visit at Tim Westwood’s studio, he leaked two tracks.. the 1st one called “Big Brother” which is an ode to his mentor and friend Jay-Z..and the second one called “Champion” which is fire.. it’s probably a cross between “Touch The Sky” and “Through The Wire”…now, I’m sure many know that 50 Cent will be releasing his album on the same day as ‘Ye… and he announced that if Kanye beats him to the #1 spot… he will quit his solo career. I say, better start packing ur bags Fi-tty


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