The highlight of the week for me was probably getting the shit kicked out of me by a big ol’ grumpy cat from next door which resulted in several deep cuts (ok maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here but my arm was dripping blood in several places keeh~ haha) on my arm….. so here is how it happened.. so there i was minding my own business walking in my front lawn… ok, no..simply put.. i saw a cuddly looking cat n decided to pet it n before i knew it, it just jumped right at me and *scatch*scratch*… i don’t know what made it decide to attack me.. but i have a feeling it had to do with my angit-ness…ok so anyways, i went to the hospital to get my buh-leeding arm cleaned up.. they gave me a shot.. and two different anti-biotics… so from now on, screw PETA.. coz im gonna start wearing fur…make that cat fur.. no wait.. actually make that my neighbour’s cat fur.. or maybe i should just stop petting other people’s pets..especially if they’re big…..other than that i gotta pretty dull week as usual.. so despite the swollen thumb that it gave me… i gotta thank mr.whiskers for tonight’s ‘hey at least i got something to write’ introduction… 

nano2.jpg So to start off today’s post.. i’mma start with a bit of Apple iPod news… so recently details and an image of the soon-to-be released iPod Nano was leaked…. initially, its authenticity was questioned… until Apple asked sites to take them down because they are their intellectual property…..but here’s an exact rendering of the removed spy shots… so what they did was simply squish the iPod Video which made it look shorter but wider (and i’m assuming it’ll be slimmer)… while it is unclear whether the design is finalized or not.. what we can be sure is that it is REAL…and rumored to be annouced on September 5th..


In other news, a British man robbing a store using his girlfriends vibrator has been arrested and jailed for five years. Nicki Jex, aged 27, concealed his battery-charged buzzing bunny ‘weapon’ in a plastic bag and pointed at the store manager and then running off with 600pounds in cash. The act was caught on CCTV and thanks to his hat which he discarded after the robbery, traces of his DNA were found which lead to his arrest…

Here are a few pictures taken from Centro’s mini BBQ gathering di Pantai Seri Kenangan Beach Tutong courtesy of Shuks & Kutakmacis..

“..salute Homies”


Merol cooking: Happens only once in a blue moon


Amah paling stylo


Three Unit28-ers.. and one Unit 46-er 




me trying to make contact with aliens


Ok, I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off (or should  say ‘LMAO’.. pffft) watching this clip over and over tonight…..Apparently, this kid did what i like to call, A Ralph Wiggum…..Here’s a video clip of something not to do during a job interview – being random…and of course, looking creepy…

yes Jonathan, “I Like Turtles” too.. I actually like this one particular penyu to be exact.. *ahaks* 🙂


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