The Beat Goes On

So another Apple Keynote was held ..or i think IS held today in the States as a matter of fact. With  a tagline ‘The Beat Goes On’, it is no surprise to people that the enveiling of the next gen iPod will be the main event… so as many have guessed, yes.. it is a touch screen iPod aka the iPod Touch… much like its recently released iPhone, the iPod is.. has a touch screen interface…so what’s so special about it? well.. it has wi-fi, with Safari, YouTube and the iTunes Wi-Fi music store. Unfortunately it is not hard-drive based, just flash…


The Specs: 22hours of battery playing music, 5 hours of vide, and two sizes – 8GB and 16GB priced at $299 and $399 resepctively… it’s gonna be available ina  few weeks time worldwide so better start saving up boys and girls…


so what else does Apple have in store along with the iPod touch.. here’s just a recap lah saja.. so I won’t have to go into detail… pokoknya the specs are expected and the price affordable..

well here’s the Apple iPod classic.. which is jst a revamped ersion of the classic clickwheel iPod.. it comes in black and silver.. unfortunately no white..


next up.. the iPod Nano which i mentioned in my last blog post about a week ago.. its basically an iPod kana picak.. hence the short yet wide body.. and the big screen (2″ screen, 320×240 pixels.. and of course it plays Videos…so it won’t be left out..


last but not least the updated iPod Shuffle… well like i said.. it’s just an updated version of it… with new colors available… nuff said..


Well, unlike the iPhone.. the good news is that you won;t have to wait that long for these to be available in stores…with the iPod Touch available within a few weeks… it is safe to say that the Apple Classic, iPod Nano Video and the Shuffle will be available in stores this weekend (in the States of course) I’m assuming it’ll be here in Brunei not long after… 🙂


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