From Dawn Til Dusk

Shyza menyzaa~ I’ve been away for quite some time haven’t good excuse really.. I’ve jst been really lazy updating it…the only reason I posted the iPod post was just for the sake of posting it.. i mean, shitsoil wouldn’t be shitsoil if I didn’t blog about it…atu pun kusut ku menaip ah…i really blogging mood’s been absent.. or as c Dud would say, aku inda lagi cali coz of my recent diagnosed high blood pressure..hahah….. maybe that’s even true!.. hahaha….i’m really going back and forth on whether i should shut down this blog or not…syg jua.. tapi malasku jua.. decisions decisions….i’ll just see how it goes…….. well anyways, I know it’s long over-due but Selamat Berpuasa to everyone…

Today’s Shitsoil Worthy Headline:


After a long series of technical problems with one of Nepal’s two Boeing 757s, rather than get their engineers to fix the problem they resorted to a more effective measure – sacrfice two goats in front of their plane ……….and it worked…

so what happened was, the plane was refusing to start its engines before a fligh to Hong Kong so at that point senior officials of the airline decided to sacrfice two goats to Akash Bhairab who apparently is the god of sky protection…and like i said it worked… or so they say… local media however reported that the problem was an electrical malfunction… but i refuse to accept that coz the whole sacrificing mumbo jumbo sounds way cooler…. pffft~ “electrical malfunction”…

*not to self: Take the bus to Nepal


2 Responses to “From Dawn Til Dusk”

  1. N25 Says:

    Yup, go to Nepal. Beguru with some monk up in the mountains..and hey! maybe you’ll get back your humour. Worth a try, no? =D Selamat berpuasa man! Easy on the grilled lamb. Haha

  2. nina Says:


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