22.jpgWelcome to ShitSoil. A personal blog which I decided to bring to life as a result of my boredom and just something to keep myself busy. Other than my personal ramblings, ShitSoil aims to keep you updated on movies, music and pop culture in general, may it be local or international. Enjoy.


8 Responses to “About”

  1. fawwaz Says:

    hey bro

    i got a question regarding sneaker retailers in malayisa. im a young sneaker freaker from australia. malayu just like you lol and just started getting into customising so i kinda need someone to point me out where i can get fake kicks to practise on. got a couple of mates up there so i figured they kould get them here for me. willing to help a brother out? add me on msn yea. hopefully here from you soon


    p.s: awesome blog, i see you too are waiting for the apple iphone thing.

  2. shitsoil Says:

    sup buddy~ sorry 2 break the news, but I’m from Brunei… Not really familiar with sneaker outlets in Malaysia..hehe..sorry..

  3. snow Says:

    hiya shitsoil :),actually ive been a lurker for a while, but i have to say that your blog is very entertaining and really makes me miss brunei more boohoo. Keep up the good/funny/zany entries. it does brighten up the gloomy day somehow!

    ps. heheh u are a very interesting person, can i be your friend :). i find u and your kitten so kawaiii. Please reply 😉

  4. snow Says:

    its me again, its a wrong addy, please reply 🙂

  5. shitsoil Says:

    snow: hey.. well, it’s good to know that there’s sum1 out there who enjoys reading my blog… must apologise for the boring entries lately tho.. just bare w/ me….and thanx 4 the…errr…compliments i suppose.. take k

  6. snow Says:

    i wanna get to know you better, hope to chat wth u on msn 😉

  7. Ms M Says:

    This is a fun blog, and I like your smile! Came across it by chance while flicking thru Rano A. Keep up the good job, man.

  8. shitsoil Says:

    Welcome 🙂

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