200 Pounds of BLUBBER

August 9, 2007

ok yes, I lied.. i didn’t update or add anything else to yesterday’s post other than my ramblings… heehee~ first and foremost, i’d like to congratulate one of my best buddies /my Unit 28 brother – Shuks – on his engagement… thanx for the special invite tadi yai… I’ll be waiting for you to honk in front of my house handing me kad jemputan (or thru e-mail kalau ko cheap ass…inda apa lah ah che, janji inda ‘freeloader’..nyahaha~ sapa tu nah?? haha… cancel..ada urg marah.. hahahahah).. and it better be soon, coz at least one of us need to leave ‘Neverland’ and start growing up… haha….i guess tonight’s gathering just gave me a reality check that we’re no longer the Unit 28 morons like we used to be.. no wait, i take that back.. we still are…but we are growing up.. in a blink of an eye, each of the guys of the 28 ‘circle of trust’ will be having different commitments eventually… which pretty much means, no more watching Euro Trash or memasak nasi the express way dalam periuk time sahur coz there’s only 10 minutes left ’til Sahur abis… time flies maan~

I recently bought a Korean chic flick DVD entitled 200 Pounds of Beauty…not really my usual cup of tea since I fear that watching it may take my manhood away… but I bought it anyway… and I blame Sasa for that.. haha… the things I do for you beeh~ *sigh* … kiddiingg~~.. ikhlas tu ah ku mbali…haha……But frankly, I enjoyed it…. the plot is predictable of course…. I’d compare it to uuum… the Nutty Professor………ok, wait.. come to think of it.. the only similarity is the fat suit… so nevermind… putting the plot predictability aside, the movie is light-hearted, it also highlights the issue of undergoing plastic surgery to some extent, and dare i say… the film is CUTE…….or maybe i’m just bias since it’s Sasa’s favourite movie..haha……althouugghh~~ the girl is pretty hawt~

apa kan ku post lagi ni aah….aku kalat mata udah plg…. oh see see… one of my distractions time blogging = Kalat Mata…… nah, I’ll just post this workout video to encourage a healthy lifestyle for all Bruneians tah saja…



August 7, 2007

what a glorious day *twinkling eyes*.. ok not really, i jst wanted to start off a post with something positive.. but the truth is… it’s really just one of those SSDDs for me… and aku kalat mata… u knw, i just realized that everytme I’m in the mood for blogging, i tend to be distracted…it’s either aku kalat mata.. aku lapar.. but the majority of the time, it’s becoz aku alum mandi… and the stench would just force myself out of the room and off i go *swoosh* gasa-gasa badan kai barus….. tsk.. speaking of distractions.. i need to pick up my brother from skool… kalau kami dulu wah…naik atas rusa wah ni balik dari skulah… masa ani ja moden pakai metoka…ok, now i feel guilty for mocking old people… tulah kah tu?

on that note, those sort of advice and stories really annoy the heck out of me… especially when they start comparing the ‘good old days’ and the present.. but then again. people are never satisfied.. i’m sure in 50 years time i’de be doing the same thing and say something like.. ‘bisai.. kerita masa ani terabang… dulu kami betayar…..’ and further exaggerate to the younger generation to make them more appreciative on what they have by saying.. ‘kalau tayar pumpcit dulu, paksa tah di tiup tu smpai parut kampis..’……speaking of flying cars, I was watching Back to The Future II for the hundreth time a few days back…and it was set in the year 2000+ ..not far from where we are now… tapi kan…. mana tia kerita trabang ah..its already 2007…. at least give us the hover board dammit..*ptui*.. penipu…….ok now i’m just blabbering away.. bah go 1st and be a nice big brother for once… more updates later on insyAllah…   

Beam me up Scotty

August 6, 2007

Thanx to Mamoi for yesterday’s bbq gathering…i’m expecting another one lagi ni next week…. u knw… sempena someone’s birthday.. heeeeeee~ Now, moving on..

This is the teaser poster for the highly anticipated 11th Star Trek film to be directed by J.J Abrams (Lost, Mission Impossible III). No plot details are available at the moment, but there are talks going around which indictaes that the film will somewhat be a prequel just as Casino Royale was to the 007 franchise. As many of you know by now, Spock will be played by non-other than Zachary Quinto@ Sylar from the hit series, HEROES. In addition, it has been confirmed that the original Spock, Leonard Lemoy will also have a role/cameo in the film.


With regards to Captain Kirk.. well, nothing has been announced yet, however, there are growing demands by fans notably, for Matt Damon to get into William Shatner’s shoes…so I guess we’ll just have to see… In the meantime, here are confirmed details on casting details for the film courtesy of AICN:

Feature Film

[JAMES KIRK] 23-29 Handsome,cocky self assured and earnest. Great physical condition. 6 ft or less

[LEONARD(BONES)MCOY] -28-32 Medic on the Enterprise. Smart, clever and a bit danger-loving. Dark hair, blue eyes.

[UHURA] 25ish -African American. Brilliant, beautiful, heroic and FUN!, Uhura is almost tom-boyish – as if she grew up in a houseful of brothers.

[SULU] 25-32 -Asian American male (preferably Japanese). Helmsman on the Enterprise. Extremely fit, capable and dedicated. A bit of a wildcat

[MONTGOMERY(SCOTTY) SCOTT] -28-32 a brilliant ship’s engineer. Must be able to do a flawless Scottish accent!

Simple enough isn’t it…I mean, pfft… c’mon~ if these are the criterias, then even I can easily play Captain Kirk…pffft~..except for the ‘cocky self-assured’ bit that is.. coz that is soooooo not me.. Matt Damon Schmademon~ .. if that doesn;t work out, then i guess, I’ll just have to jump into the typecasting wagon and just play the boring Asian dude… sigh…

As many of you knw by now, the iPhone was shipped to Brunei a few days ago for viewing and ‘testing’ at AV Electronics..Unfortunetaly for interested buyers, the phone won’t be available until 2008 in our region as i mentioned a couple of months back when the iPhone was launched in the States.. However, there seem to be more disappointments than satisfaction from customers… so ours may be long overdue, but let’s just hope it’ll function way better…..at least give us a 3G capable iPhone…

Ok.. putting all that aside, the Brunei unveiling of the iPhone and the technical stuff was not really what I intended to post…  rather, here’s an inspirational TRUE story courtesy of Gizmodo about the great lengths a man is willing to go through to fulfill his dreams… i hope it inspires us all…haha


Sean Johnson, a confessed Apple Fanboy wants his iPhone….badly… In January, after years of rumors and speculation, he watched in awe as Apple finally introduced the iPhone to the world. Unfortunately for him, he already had his budget spent. Fast forward to June 29th, Sean Johnson took his kids on a road trip to Boise while his wife was at home taking care of the baby. After dropping his kids off at the hotel, he drove to an AT&T store, and purchased a new 4GB iPhone without Wife Clearance.

Yes, in some parts of the world this probably means getting your genitals compeletly severed but fortunately for Sean, he only had to return the phone when his wife found out and told him that his behaviour was absolutely unacceptable.

Two days later she joined him in Denver. He was sad, non-talkative, down, depressed. Noticing it, she broke the question:

— “Honey, how badly you want the iPhone?”
— “Badly”, he said, puppy eyes again, no doubt – very badly.

— “Would you be willing to finally make that appointment for a vasectomy?” she replied.

What happened then? In Sean’s own words:

“I absolutely love my new 8GB iPhone.”

sigh.. the things we do for our better half……or in this case, an iPhone


August 3, 2007

Haroo~ just to kick things off for today.. I’ve got a couple of stills from the upcoming 30 Days of Night film.

30daysposter.jpg Based on a Steve Niles graphic novel, 30 days takes place in Barrow, a small town in Alaska where each year, the sun doesn’t rise for an entire month. Sounds bad enough? Well, it get’s worse as a group of blood-thirsty vampires  visits the the residents and gladly take advantage of the uninteruppted darkness to feed. As the night wears on, Barrow’s Sheriff Eben (Josh Hartnett), his estranged wife Stella (Melissa George), and an ever-shrinking group of survivors must do anything they can to last until daylight. Release Date: October 19, 2007



Finally, here is an official poster for Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd….if you ask me, Johnny looks exactly like he did in Edward Scissorhands..just a bit older..meaner..and… his outfit is less tighter..errr…. ok, maybe the only resemblance is the Rock n Roll hair he’s got going on…click on the image below for full-poster.. Release Date: December 21, 2007 (Limited); January 11, 2008 (Wide)



I’m saving the best for last.. this clip is an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK (in motion) at Lexus’ answer to the M3, the LEXUS IS-F. If you listen carefully, you’de be surprised at how quiet yet powerful the car is… enjoy.. 🙂


July 31, 2007

Assalamualaikum…I am officially back.. yippeeeeee~ first and foremost, just wanna thank those who have not given up on this site and have kept on visiting all this while… *salute* … As you can tell, I changed the layout and the header for shitsoil coz frankly, other than the realization that having multiple facial expressions of myself as a header gets disturbing as time goes by, I just wanted something completely fresh…and so I came up with a more minimalistic design and concept… unfortunately, wordpress can only provide me with a crappy resolution of the new uploaded header..so apologies for that… and uuumm…. this is for you..so you can finally stop visiting ‘we can make the world a better place’ blogs.. teeheehee~.. miss you beh~ 😉

So so.. anyways.. since I’ve been behind with my blogging… i’ll just do a quick recap on what’s been going on within the week or so… if you already know what I am about to post then jst bare with me and stop being sucha a smartass.. now firstly, Comic-Con (comic-conenvtion) was held recently in the States.. it’s basically a convention where you often get exclusive footage or images of movies, particularly in the comic-book genre.. and of course, it’s probably the only place where wearing your underwear on the outside is acceptable… unless there are visible signs of skidmarks that is… ok..  im going off topic.. so yes, comic-con… well, I suppose the highlight included interviews with Steven Spielberg and the cast of the new Indiana Jones movie. exclusive footage from the Iron-Man movie, the first teaser trailer for The Dark Knight, an exclusive concept art on the upcoming Incredible Hulk film…..here are a couple of images & footages from the convention..except for the ‘Comic Book Guy’ right below that is…heh


Iron Man Mark I Armor 


The Hulk

This is the first look of the Hulk from the upcoming movie…though it’s still not the final version, it actually looks decent as compared to the Shrek-looking one from Ang Lee’s Hulk movie….


Indiana Jones 4


The Dark Knight

click image below for teaser trailer (*note: you can finally hear the Joker’s voice and the laugh in the trailer)


Sabar Itu Subur

July 26, 2007

ok..yes I knw, I’ve been away longer than expected… but I assure you, I will be back veryyyy soon~ …insyAllah.. I’m just at the ‘reconstruction’ phase at the moment…not that it matters anyways since the number of readers have probably fluctuated.. so if that’s really the case, I shoudn’t worry that much about oversharing by saying that I am wearing nothing but red briefs and white socks (detailed representation below) at this very moment…nyahaha~


On Hiatus *read below…BACA ABIS AH

June 5, 2007

how many days has it been since my last post? … hmm.. anyhoodlydoodle, I jst started working a few days ago… nope..stop.. before you go all ‘aaaw congratulations’ on me, I didn’t get a permanent one just yet…haha… instead, I’m working at my Aunt’s money changer for the time being which is good news since I’ll actually earn something…. BUT… it didn’t turn out to be as easy as i expected… i didn’t expect exchanging money to be sooo darn confusing..but then again, I suck and hate at anything involving numbers so I guess it’s not that much of a surprise… it’s jst so wierd that of all places and despite my hatred with numbers, I ended up working part-time at a ‘number crunching’ related workplace… as Alannis Morrisette would say.. “…isn’t it ironic..” 

So anyways.. yes work… its only beeeen… 2 days… and i suck….did i say that already? haha.. no lah, honestly… it’s been okay I suppose.. I got to knw great workmates…not only are they nice, but without them.. I’ll probably end up ‘bankrupt-ing’ the place…and there have been some ooh la la customers as well.. haha…kidding Beeeh~ ..besyds, aku takan-takan the calculator and mengira usin with my turtle pace isn’t exactly a turn on keh….. for now (and I hope for the whole duration of my time working there) since I’m only working there part-time, they’ll only allow me to handle RMs which is sucha relief since aku alum ‘andal…. since I’m ‘working’ now (gosh that word sounds so ‘alien’ to me) I won’t be updating this blog as much or maybe at all… well, at least for about 3 weeks or so since I’ll probably jst work there until the end of June~ so until then shitsoilers… keep visiting and do miss me…hihi.


shisha a few weeks ago


May 27, 2007

songkok1.jpg I’ve been listening to Adibah Noor‘s rendition of Hujan from the movie Mukhsin on my winamp tonight…her soothing vocals alongside the keroncong music backing her up never fails to relax me after every listen….dunno what it is about the song, but it jst makes me want to pasang my songkok, smoking a self-rolled ciggy while running around in my songket chasing ayam kampung……. ok, maybe not.. but u gta admit, it does have that P. Ramlee/kampung-ish vibe to it…


speaking of Mukhsin, I personally have not seen the movie but knowing that it is a  Yasmin Ahmad-helmed film and having enjoyed her previous releases which includes Sepet and Gubra (*her next project being Muallaf) , I’m sure it doesn’t disappoint… Mukhsin is an international award winning film (winning 2 awards at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival) which tells a simple story of young love between a 10 year old girl named Orked and  a 12 year old boy named Mukhsin… the movie tagline says it all – “Everyone has a first love story to tell..”

G’nyt folks…..Assalamualaikum


May 25, 2007

hdib1.jpg I’m just gonna post on Mario‘s latest video for his new single ‘How Do I Breathe’. Taken from his upcoming album entitled Go! (July 31st), the track was produced by non other than Stargate who are major players in the R&B game right now… with its infectious melodies and a sing-along hook, this track is a sure-to-be hit.. and the video with the ‘my world is turning upside down (in this case literally) without you here by my side’ concept jst adds more umph to it… based on the other leaked tracks that I’ve listened to so far, this album may be one of the R&B record to make it big this quarter… InsyAllah, I’ll probably do a review on GO! when it finally comes out


May 23, 2007

ooh ooh~ i was jst browsing thru my folders in my external and look wat i found~ haha.. it’s a picture of the Centros [Gun, Sel (blame Fitz for blocking her face), Fitz, Faid, Yazid…minus shuks, din and rol] and a glimpse of badan Babah on the bottom right corner..hahaha.. this was taken on my last day in Brisbane at the airport when the guys were sending me off to Brunei… .. baiktah kamu semua start chip-in some cash to buy me a ticket.. maaaan~ that’s my home right there.. *sniff* *blows nose* *wipes snot on sleeve*..  hahaha


ok.. no major updates tonight folks coz aku kan tidur..~